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Our Story

Part 1:
Once upon a time there lived a person called Gerald Arun Dass. Having completed engineering, he was searching for a dream job like every thirsty youngster in the country. Passion & Hard work made him end up as a youngest leader within a most renowned global organization. Success & Growth followed him with rigor & vigor. All that he needed was just 5.5 years to grow to the pinnacle of corporate leadership.

Part 2:
Having tasted success and having given the best out of every opportunity, he decided to become an entrepreneur. He started a small organization called Shadows Risen with only him as the investment. Living up to the statement “Focus can move mountains”, yes, his focus moved the industry. His startup created a ripple within the Indian market. That small company grew very fast to become the most powerful training organization in the country in just a span of 3.5years. Clients got him clients. Success got him more success. Growth brought him more growth. Him became we. And we became a team. And team became colorful & powerful.

Part 3:
“Great people need great challenges.” He never wanted to settle down for anything less than becoming great. He knew it was time to gear up for a more challenging task and more difficulty arena to play this time. He choose “business advisory” this time. Once he set his focus, he started his journey again.

Now you know the rest of what should have happened. Yes, as you guess the rest is history. He kept growing with more success and carving a niche and leaving their signature moves. It’s because, he knows sky is the limit for the one who is ready to give the best out of his life every minute…

God & people are his biggest asset. Right, their blessings and support is what that has made you read what you are reading right now in the dream organization that he has created.

Come, join us. Let us create histories as usual.