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Performance Intelligence

We have repeatedly heard about various forms of intelligence. Till 90's it was IQ that dominated the world. Then the world slowly moved towards AI (Artificial intelligence). Now, for the past 15 years, it is EI () that dominates the corporate world.

We have invented a new form of intelligence called,"Performance Intelligence." Unlike the other forms of intelligence, it is not about mastering it. Whereas, performance intelligence is the final output of all forms of intelligence put together. Irrespective of what you know and how much you know, there will come a moment where all your knowledge is funneled down into action. That moment of action is a collective response of all your intelligence. We call that moment as "performance".

Performance intelligence is about taking control of that moment. Unlike the other forms of intelligence, performance intelligence is about taking control of that output. Other intelligence, acts on the input. That's why it is very important to master this intelligence.

Now creating a performance intelligent organization is a very simpler task for us. Experience this powerful form of intelligence vibrating through out your organization. Control your actions. Control your destiny. Intelligence can't get better than this...!!!