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Psychometric Evaluations

“There can be no more greater ability than the one to understand minds of the people”

We invite you to get benefited by using our expertise over Psychometric Evaluations and leadership profiling. Till date we have profiled over 9000 professionals belonging to various organizations in the Indian Market. We are without any doubt are the leaders in this segment of service.

For the purpose of evaluations, we use various tools such as 16PF, Thomas Kilmann Profiling, FIRO-B, DISC, MBTI and so on. Apart from these internationally recognized tools, we also use tools developed by various renowned psychologists and reputed research universities.

We deliver the following key services under this segment:

  Leadership profiling
  Future leadership assessment
  Skills assessment
  Competency assessment
  Character Mapping
  Attitude Mapping
  Assessment on more than 35 different types of professional parameters such as ability to work in a team, ability to stay motivated and etc.
  Job Suitability

Apart from these, we also design and develop evaluations to suit the specific needs of the organizations. Our team of psychology experts are constantly updating and equipping themselves with all the advancements in this niche field. Get to understand your workforce much better with this unique service of us.